Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Piece Film Z (2012) Movie

Hey guys do you know that there is a new One Piece movie that you will have to see? Yes, popular animated series again back and this time they are going to give us a new movie that we will surely enjoy. Luffy and the Mugiwara crew will be on a new adventure and surely a new enemy. This is really exciting since the new movie is the one that we will all have to wait for. This is a sequel to the other previous movies that we have seen and this one is entitled, One Piece Film Z.

Luffy and the others will embarked on a new adventure and they will meet someone called, Z. This man has a flag of his own and surely a pirate. This man is a muscular man that has a short hair and a mechanical hand. This man is surely a strong one and the Mugiwara crew has to cooperate in defeating him. We will support them in the new adventure that they have and this December we will see them in the big screen. One thing that is interesting in his Jolly Roger is that it has a symbol of the marines.

Can this be possible that the man was a former marine? Better check it out for yourself since you will not surely regret that you have seen this new movie. I miss all of them and their adventures and that is why that I would not seize to hope that it will soon be here. One Piece Film Z has all that it takes to take us into the New World and a whole new challenging world of pirates.  


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